Wei-Rui Warrior

The Wei-Rui Warrior is a sub $100 weightlifting shoe for those that recognize they need a solid pair of shoes for lifting, but don't want to break the bank. A relatively unknown brand, Wei-Rui has been around for awhile and is the actual manufacturer of the BAF lifting shoes. In our opinion, these are the best value in weightlifting shoes currently on the market.

Adidas PowerLift Trainer

A quality made, budget friendly power lifting shoe for the beginning to intermediate weight lifter. The PowerLift Trainer Shoe has been designed around the harder to find Power Perfect 2 design and is an excellent choice for the more casual weightlifters. Featuring a lightweight feel, comfortable sneaker-like fit and attractive price of $90, this shoe is likely to become a big hit with the many lifters.

Risto Sports Series 2

A hand-made Olympic weightlifting shoe designed for the serious lifter, featuring a real wood heel and quality leather. The Series 2 is Risto's offering for the 2011 year and sets the bar for quality, style and functionality within the oly lifting world. This new model boasts some great upgrades and still has (almost) all the features we loved about the series 1 model. This shoe is already receiving praise from the crossfit and Olympic lifting communities.

Risto Olympic Lifting Shoe

One of the most under-rated shoes in 2010, the Risto Sports Olympic Lifting Shoe is almost all you could ask for in a shoe. The Series 1 meets all the requirements of a good weightlifting shoe having a solid grain leather exterior, an extra padded insole, sturdy molded leather interior, double stitching and a solid wood heel that is proportional to the size of the shoe.

Adidas AdiStar

Adidas has been producing shoes for the sport of weightlifting dating back to the 1970s. Debuting in 2008 at the Olympic Games in Beijing, the AdiStar Weightlifting is probably one of the most well known models of shoes amongst Olympic weightlifters. The model boasts several upgrades and improvements over the older and cheaper Ironwork models.