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Adidas Adipower Oly Shoe Finally! The review of the Adidas AdiPower Weightlifting shoe I’ve been promising everyone for over a month now. I apologize for the delay in getting this posted but I wanted to take the time to actually wear the shoes to the gym for a few workouts before I came to my conclusions. So without further adieu, here’s my humble “editorial” review.

Since the Adidas AdiStar shoes have been around for 4 years now, many of you have had experience with them or at least know someone who has. I believe a good starting point would be to discuss some of the differences and improvements found in the AdiPower Lifting Shoe when compared to the old AdiStars.

As many of you may know, Adidas launched the AdiStar Weightlifting shoe in 2008 to coincide with the Summer Olympic Games. They’ve continued this tradition in 2012 but have drastically changed the construction and styling of the shoe, as well as the name. If Adidas sticks to this quadrennial model launch schedule, the 2012 AdiPower will be on the market for the next four years – until 2016.

The original AdiStars were made of a kangaroo leather upper which was very supple and durable, but did not breath well at all. The AdiPowers are made of synthetic upper with increased ventilation to solve the “swamp foot” problem.

Unfortunately, for those of us with wide feet I found the new synthetic material doesn’t break-in as fast nor does it have as much lateral give. This means the already narrow (D width) AdiPower is even less forgiving on a wide foot than the former AdiStar model. If you found the width of the AdiStars borderline unbearable, than the AdiPower will not be for you.

After wearing the AdiPowers for a few weeks in the gym, I’m starting to change my opinion on this altogether as well as understand why Adidas has made these shoes so narrow. While they felt extremely tight across the front of my foot in the beginning, they have since broken-in quite nicely and I think the super-tight fit really helps with stability. A size 9 AdiPower measures 3.75″ across the toe box, and a standard D-width shoe should measure 3.9″, making the width actually between a C-narrow and a D-standard. You have to ask yourself “Why would Adidas make the toe-box so narrow?”. Again, I believe this was done because they wanted to ensure a super snug fit and an absolute stable foot. If you think they are too narrow consider this – some really large oly lifters like Dmitry Klokov wear the AdiPowers.

Lateral Outside View 2012 Adipower

Going back the AdiStars, the tongue of those shoes had an annoying habit of sliding to the side of your foot throughout a workout. This happened regardless of whether you ran the laces through the tongue loop or not.

Adidas has remedied this issue by making the tongue more of a sock liner. It’s thin with a stiffer feel and no lateral movement. They have also lined the underside of the tongue with neoprene (squishy black rubber) which serves the purpose of holding your foot in the shoe more securely AND providing cushion to your instep, something you expect the tongue of a shoe to do.

While we’re covering the tongue, the old AdiStar models had a common complaint regarding the tongue loop tearing, possibly due to all the force created by the tongue sliding sideways. Regardless, Adidas has redesigned the new tongue loop as a two loop system with a neoprene backing. This should alleviate any durability issues but I have seen a few complaints that the new tongue loop doesn’t line up properly with the shoes strings. I didn’t have any issues with this personally, but it should be noted.

AdiPower Weightlifting Medial

Finally, the old AdiStars looked identical to some of the other AdiStar Olympic models – most notably their “shooting shoe”. This caused confusion among consumers and many folks bought the wrong shoes without knowing there was a difference.

As far as I’ve seen, there are no other shoes in the Adidas catalog that look even remotely similar to the new AdiPower Weight Lift. This should save people from accidentally buying the wrong shoe on Ebay or Amazon.

The AdiPower Oly Shoe has a single, one inch wide hook and loop velcro strap. The strap is made of plastic with a nylon backing and feels solid as hell – I don’t see anyone pulling one of these straps off by over tightening. The strap seems to be the perfect length, and I noted it is placed slightly higher up the instep than the strap on the AdiStars. Personally I prefer a lower positioned strap, but that is personal preference again. You should be aware that the “hook” side of the velcro is extremely “sticky” and will shred your laces quickly if you allow them to come in contact with each other.

Adidas has abandoned the wood block heel that was featured in the AdiStar and IronWork models and has instead opted for a TPU heel much like that found on Nike’s Romaleo. I imagine this was done for two reasons – 1) Real wood is expensive to buy, shape and work a heel cup into and 2) TPU is extremely strong and very light.

2012 Adidas Oly

The TPU heel on the 2012 AdiPower features their Torsion System which is designed to evenly distribute weight across your foot while increasing forefoot flexibility. The heel height is a set .75″ (three quarter inch) for all sizes, just as the AdiStars were.

Overall the shoes are pretty light weight with a size 9 weighing in at 16.2 ounces. Furthermore the shoes are very stable and you feel like an absolute tank while wearing them. My only complaint with these, aside from the narrow toebox, is the lack of color options. The AdiPower is only available in the fiery red-orange-tinged color Adidas calls “Core Energy”. The color is certainly unique and very eye catching, but it’s a bit ostentatious for my liking – plus it doesn’t match any of my clothes!

2012 Adipower weightlifting heel

To sum up, I want to address the question of whether the AdiPowers are worth the $200 price tag. In a nutshell, these shoes have been designed for Olympic Weightlifting and if that is your intended use then these are hands-down worth every penny. Adidas has a long tradition of making weightlifting shoes and the Adipowers are without a doubt the best Oly shoes on the market and will probably remain so until they launch a new model in 2016.

I want to end this review by making a suggestion here that will likely ruffle a few feathers. The AdiPower is an OLY Shoe and is not designed to be used for jumping rope, box jumps, or calf raises. Simply put, if you are not strictly an Oly weightlifter then these really aren’t the best shoes for you! If you are someone who implements Oly lifts as part of a larger routine such as CrossFit, or Sports training, you would likely be better served by a more functional shoe such as the Reebok Oly.

adipower weightlifting sole

The Adidas AdiPower is not a “comfortable” shoe by traditional standards. Most will find it very unforgiving on the body while just walking around the gym due to its extreme rigidity. This isn’t a flaw, but the intended design to be a super stable shoe with the only “flexible” area being the toe box. As such, you should only be wearing these shoes IN THE GYM, while lifting.


These run true to size for Adidas shoes and most other athletic shoes. As a reference, I wear a size 9 Reebok Zig, Reebok Oly, Nike Citrus and various other trainers and the size 9 AdiPower fit correctly. Adidas states that these are a D width which is commonly known as standard width; however, I feel they are a bit tighter than other D-Wide shoes.


If you’ve read any of my previous reviews you know I make a strong argument for buying directly from the manufacturer when possible. I especially feel this way when it comes to buying the AdiPower Weightlifting Shoe. Buy these from for a couple reasons such as free shipping, excellent customer service and very easy returns with the included RMA form and shipping labels. If you do need to return these you don’t even need to contact anyone. Just fill out the RMA form and use the return label to ship them back. I received my refund for a returned pair of shoes in about 2 weeks.


If you have any questions or thoughts that I haven’t covered about the Adipower shoes, please leave a comment. Likewise, if you have a review or personal experience with these shoes then leave it below as well.


  • Lightweight
  • Breathability
  • Extremely Stable
  • Very Flexible Forefoot
  • Various Improvements Over AdiStar


  • Expensive
  • Narrow Fit
  • Limited Styling Options

108 thoughts on “Adidas AdiPower Weightlifting”

  1. Hey dude, I was really interested in the adiPowers. I wear a 7 in dress shoes and Converse Chuck Taylors and an 8 in adidas basketball shoes and many other adidas shoes (such as the adiracer low).

    I’ve been told by many to order according to my dress shoe size including Dynamic Eleiko which sells these shoes as well. However you’re suggesting I should order according to my adidas shoe size, which Rogue Fitness did as well. What size do you suggest I order? I do want a snug fit, and don’t mind it being overtight at first as the leather stretches out.

    Also, what size dress shoe do you wear?


    1. If you wear a size 8 Adidas shoe, then a size 8 AdiPower will be your correct size. Adidas is very good about standardizing all of their sizes between different models.

      Instructing people to order according to a dress shoe size is a really dumb idea because it is, again, way too broad. Which dress shoe should I use – Clarks, Brass Boot, Florsheim, or my Cole Haans? They all vary in size so that isn't much help.

      I write these reviews to simplify things for people, so stop making it difficult!

    1. The inside of the shoe has good arch support. I have low arches and the shoes provided just enough support without being uncomfortable.

      The shoes are equally well suited for Power Lifting, but my opinion is that there are other shoes available for much cheaper that will work just as good for powerlifting. Secondly, I prefer a LOW or NO heel shoe for power lifts.

  2. Quick question. Right now I currently have the Reebok Oly shoes and I like them but not for heavy lifting. I want to get another pair of weightlifting shoes for heavy lifting. I do both powerlifting and Olympic lifting. Some of the lifts I do are back squats, front squats, deadlift, overhead press, power clean, and power snatch. I was interested in either Adidas AdiPower weightlifting shoes or Risto Sport Series 2 shoe. The cost is not really a concern for me. I just want a good pair of weightlifting shoes for heavy lifting. Let me know what you all think. Thanks everyone.

  3. What issues are you having with the Reeboks when lifting heavy? The Adidas Power Perfect 2 is a good shoe but it runs a bit narrow. Also the heel is a little higher compared to the Oly.

  4. Hey dude me again. I wear 7s in chucks & dress shoes and 8 in most adidas shoes like basketball shoes. My seller has no 8s left. Do you suggest going to a 7.5 or a 8.5? I do want a snug fit, and don't mind it being overtight at first as the leather stretches out. That said, I know someone who has feet 0.2cm shorter than mine and he wears the 8.5s and finds them a comfortable fit.

  5. I have been doing the olympic lifting movements with the new Adistar for about 6 weeks. It's the best weightlifting shoe I have worn. I've been competing since the mid 70's and have owned most of the current model Adidas shoes. It is more comfortable and flexible than the silver and black Adistar that I have previously been wearing for over 5 years! It's solid, flexible, and light and fast. I've recommended it to several lifters. I love it. And the color sorta grows on you.

  6. I purchased a pair of the old adistars on clearance when the adipowers came out. Dynamic eleiko is still trying to clear out their inventory. A couple things they must have fixed on the adistar in regards to the tongue- it is connected on both sides of the shoe by a "stretchy" but strong fabric so that is is like slipping your foot into a slipper. The underside is also covered in neoprene and will not move at all (to either side) once the shoe is tied.

  7. Would I get away with walking 6 blocks in these or are they not at all suitable for light walking and then throwing down on some aggressive lifting? Thanks!

    1. No. I wouldn’t walk in them at all. A) They aren’t designed to be comfortable and you’ll want to wear them only as long as it takes to do your workout and B) Walking in them will degrade the shoe faster, in other words the shoe will wear out faster.

  8. So how uncomfortable are they to walk in? Totally? Could I “snatch” a couple and then hit the bars afterwards in these puppies? I mean they’re a beautiful shoe that the world outside of the gym should see;)

    1. They are quite spiffy looking, but you won’t be wearing them any longer than needed to perform your lifts – I promise you that. As well made as they are, they are designed to hold your foot in a very tight “vice-like” position. So even after they are broke-in, they are still uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Most notably, the sides of my feet and the arch begin to ache after an hour or so.

  9. Thanks WLS! Please forward this to Adidas.

    Dear Adidas, your beautiful red Adipower WL shoe is far too sexy to hide away from the world in sweaty gym’s. Please consider reverse engineering this shoe for civilian use.


    ~Luke Jacomb

  10. Lets cut to the chase, these are miles ahead of the last model they made for the olympics. They are VERY LIGHT, but at a cost. They are very FLEXIBLE, almost too flexible. After 3 months the heels even became flexible. My first pair of adidas’ were the silver adistars, after that I had the white ones, then I got the nike romaleos, then the adipower’s now I am going back to NIke with the romaleos 2. I loved the original romaleos but hated the weight. Now that they are lighter I’m switching back. I’d rather have a little heavier shoe that is more stable than an ultra light shoe that is too flexible.

    1. People keep making a big deal about the weight of certain shoes. 50 grams is only 1.76 ounces, I highly doubt anyone is going to feel the difference in that. Furthermore, I doubt if that amount of weight being add or subtracted from a lifters foot is going to negatively or positively effect their lifting performance.

    1. Not sure which brand or model offers the best arch support but that really is a none issue. You can tape up your arches and make any shoe support your foot properly. If your issues are severe, then orthotic inserts would be recommended. You’ll need to make sure to tell your doctor what you intend to do with the shoe so they make the inserts out of strong enough material. I really think tape is you best bet though. It’s cheap, it’s adjustable and you won’t need to see a Doctor. Just make sure you shave the top of your foot first – pulling the tape off is fairly painful if you have a furry instep. Lastly, if you are taping, make sure you go the correct direction with the tape. You want to start on the inside of your foot and pull the tape UP and AROUND to the outside of the foot, then under and tear it once you reach the starting position. Do this is three strips and that should be plenty to cover the entire instep/arch area. Be sure not to pull the tape too tight. Your foot is going to expand when you put weight on it and taping the arch too tight will cause pain and possible injury. Hope that helps.

  11. I have a pair of adidas soccer cleats, which are a 10.5, but I wear a 9 or 10 in most other shoes. Given that you wear a 9, what does your foot measure in cm? Mine is 27.5 which maps to a 9.5 on the size charts.

    I’m trying to workout which size is going to be best, as I live in australia and sending the incorrect size back and forth will be costly.

  12. Buying shoes for the first time. So if i have to choose between adidas powerfect II, adipower and the nike romaleos 2. Could you give me a suggestion on which to pick up. Listen, I’m not gonna snatch 100kg anytime soon, so I have my mind fixated on the powerperfect II, which is quite affordable but the other two are quite luring. So are they worth the extra cost? especially for a normal joe like me. I’m gonna train for at least 5 yrs now thats for sure.

    1. You’ve read all the reviews on here and all the comments left by individuals like yourself. I can not tell you which shoe is best for you, that is what all the content on this site is for, to help you decide that. Would you like me wipe your ass as well?

    1. Pretty much neck and neck but I prefer the AdiPower for a few reasons. Everyone complains that they are too narrow but New Flash! Weightlifting shoes aren’t suppose to be comfortable! The tighter the shoe the more lateral stability you will have (that means no side to side movement of your foot). The Adidas are still lighter as well. Nike wins out in the colors department so if you don’t like Traffic Cone Orange then you might get the Romaleos.

  13. I just purchased two sizes of the Romaleos 2; 9.5 and 10.

    I wear a 9.5 Chuck, 9.5 Rogue Do-win, 9.5 Reebok Oly, and a 10.5 in most running, hiking, casual shoes. (I do have a pair of 10 Adidas Sambas, but they have proven to be a bit tight.) I’ve never owned any other Nikes.

    The 9.5 feels great around the arch and heel, and even the toe…except for length. I am fully hitting the terminus of the shoe inside, with all of my toes. When standing it is mearly noticible. When squatting, I don’t even notice as I have flat arches and have developed a technique of pulling my toes towards my heels in order to create an arch, while keeping the ball of my foot down on the wood. So, when I squat, I almost curl my toes and they dont hit the front anymore when I do that. When I split jerk, however, I def feel like my back foot is unstable. It feels like my toe/ball area has shrunk a few sq. inches. I’m sure I;d get used to it, but…

    The 10 feels COMFY as hell right out of the box. a “perfect” fit per say…until I walk. My right foot is slightly smaller than the left, so my heel slips quite a bit. I can lock it down better by cranking the top strap, but then it touches the ground which is weird (this can be fixed w/ scissors and stitches though.) Again, this is not a huge problem while squatting, except that I can maybe feel some lateral give overall in the shoe as I “press the floor apart” when pushing my knees out. When split jerking (my right and smaller foot is back) the toes feel great and solid and like a big landing pad, but the heel does come off of the insole.


    I like my weightlifting shoes tight. I come from a decade of rock climbing so I am used to tight performance footwear (you shoe geeks wanna really get a high hard one? Start climbing.) But I’m not sure the tight toebox will ever stretch out. as far as I can tell, the front of the shoe is double lined; first the the robust outer leather, then the nylon meshy stuff, then a thin suedey lining.


    If the 10s stretch at all, I’m hosed. If the 9.5s don’t I;m hosed. Maybe I’ll just wear thicker socks and keep the 10s? or maybe I’ll return them and buy the Adidas? argh.


    1. well…screw it. I went w/ the 9.5s because I couldn’t handle lifting in them both and then cleaning them really well each time…

      The toe box hasn’t “stretched” per say, but it has broken in and feels a bit more comfy even after 2 sessions.

      The 10’s just felt a tiny bit loose, so…poof, they’re gone.

      BUT my heel still moves a bit in the 9.5s! AHHHHHHHHH!



    2. The Adidas fit extremely tight. I believe this is why they only have one metatarsal strap, because they are shaped fairly tight. While I noticed some heel slide in the Romas, I’ve not in the Adidas. But likewise, the Adidas are not a pair of shoes I can wear for more than about an hour whereas the Nikes felt like I could be in the gym all day. Depends on the fit you like and what you can and can’t deal with.

  14. Hi there, I have the Reebok Oly Lifters and I’m a pretty serious weightlifter (olympic lifting 5-6 times a week). Do you think that the Adipowers would make enough of a difference to warrant buying them or do you think I’m fine with the Reeboks? How different are the two shoes? Thanks!

    1. If you are a serious Olympic lifter then the Reebok Oly really isn’t the best shoe for you. Like most things, when a design’s goal is to offer more variety or additional usage, it often comes at the cost of ultimate performance. You don’t put a soft suspension on a Ferrari – sure, it would make the ride more gently, but then you couldn’t fly through turns at the 150 mph either. Likewise, the Reebok Oly shoe is overly flexible in the forefoot, has a little too much lateral give and lacks the “feet in concrete” feel you will get with an Olympic lifting specific shoe. Don’t get me wrong, the Reebok is a great shoe and they really hit their target market with it; but it was Crossfitters doing multiple workouts, NOT strictly Oly lifting.

  15. Thanks a lot for the fast response! I haven’t had any complaints with the Reeboks, but then again I don’t really have anything to compare them with other than my minimalist shoes. I want to eventually compete in Crossfit (which is why I bought the Reeboks in the first place) but I’m training with a strength bias (have been weightlifting exclusively for a year now) because that is my most limiting factor. Since I’m spending so much time just oly lifting it may be time to pull the trigger on a pair of Adipowers. Thanks for the great reviews! They’re very helpful!

    1. Yes, I’ve seen the “coated leather” notation on the box and in their online description that reads, “PU-coated leather upper for durability with air mesh for breathability”. PU-coated is short for “Polyurethane coating”. It is leather made from the inner splits of the hide and finished with a poly coating. It is not the same as full grain leather, suede or other types of leather. The PU coating makes the exterior resistant to water, scratching and fading – which will keep these bad boys bright orange-red for a long time. It also make the leather stronger and allows the use of thinner strips of leather. So in my book, this is still a synthetic upper as it is only partially leather. But in actuality this is a better material to use for shoes because of the durability and thinness that allows some stretch. That is why Adidas opted to go with PU leather in the AdiPower versus the Kangaroo leather that was used on the AdiStars.

  16. I understand this is a tight-fitting shoe, but how would you describe the relative roominess of the lateral side of the toe box? I have an issue with shoes applying more pressure to the lateral side of my forefoot, so my toes are usually cramped and the shoes wear out in that spot. If the toe box isn’t very roomy in the area around the small toes I’ll probably steer away from this model.
    While I’m at it, I guess the same question goes for the reebok olys.


    1. That’s an interesting question. The lateral side (outer side) of most shoes are usually straight, it’s the medial side (inside) that curves outward at the toe box. So what you may be experiencing is shoes that do not have enough outward curve on the medial side which results in the pushing of your foot into the lateral side. The AdiPower has a pretty tight toe box with little outward expansion on either side. It sounds like this might not be the best shoe for you. As you’ve suggested, the Reebok Olys are likely a better choice in your particular situation – they have a wider toe-box and a softer overall fit in the toe area.

  17. A slightly different question here. I’m a bodybuilder. I take my lifts seriously. My squat style is high bar, regular stance, olympic style I reckon. The Adipower weightlifting shoe is a good one for that, I’m sure. What I’m not sure about is how they’d be for deadlifts and other leg exercises. With deadlifts I’m talking regular style, stiff legged, and romanian. Usually, people say flat shoes would be best for all of those. However, I’ve been doing deadlifts (and squats and everything else) in non-modern running shoes (Nike Air Max 1) which are not flat, and I don’t feel uncomfortable at all at that angle. So, do you reckon I could do different styles of deadlifts (and lunges etc.) in the Adipowers? Considering good form and the right muscle stimulation.

    P.S. Yes, I know the shoes I’ve been using are a terrible choice for these lifts, that’s why I’m switching. No injuries yet luckily, even though I move decent weights. Instability is noticeable though.

    1. Your AirMax are actually pretty flat compared to a lifting shoe, especially when they start to compress under a heavy load. Remember, lifting shoes are measured in “effective heel height” meaning the measurement is how much your heel is raised ABOVE the ball of your foot. With that said, I’ve seen plenty of dudes lift some really heavy weight with Oly shoes on. Check out Elliott Hulse on YouTube pulling six wheels in the AdiPowers. I find an elevated heel makes you put more emphasis on the legs when pulling. You’ll likely feel like your are being pushed forward some if you take your regular posture before the pull. The heel will make you drop your butt some and lean back prior to pulling. No way to know if you like it better until you try for a few sessions.

  18. Good point about the Air Max, I guess it feels as if the heel is quite elevated because the front is curved upwards and the whole shoe (and foot) tilts forward when I lift. I couldn’t keep the weight on my heels to save my life.

    Anyway, I’ve looked up the vid of Elliott Hulse, and a related vid by him on what shoes he wears for different workouts. Watching him deadlift in the adipowers was actually quite helpful. I’ll give it a try when I get the Adipowers. Of course you’re right, there’s only one way to find out really.

    My question came from me pondering if I should buy the Adipowers if I’d only use them for squats. Knowing they can be used for deadlifts as well makes the decision to spend the money easier. Moreover, I do deadlifts as a leg lift mainly, so assuming I’ll have the same experience you explained, the elevated heel will be good for me.

    Thanks for your reply, it was very helpful, I appreciate it.

  19. Broke my Rogue Do-wins 2011 a couple weeks ago and my Rippetoe shoes may go soon also. I am currently doing Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 Program.
    So mostly doing Squats (Front & Low Bar back squats), DL, OHP, Power Cleans and Bench press.

    Originally eyeing the Adidas Power Lift Trainer’s and Nike Romaleos 2.
    But I was hearing that the heels may compress on the PL Trainers on heavier sets.

    So now I am torn between the adiPower, Power Perfect II and the Romaleos 2.
    Suggestions? Pros/Cons?
    Also I am wearing a size 8.5 US Adidas classic shoes.

    1. Any of those would be a solid choice. If budget is an issue I’d go with the PP2. I think you are correct that the PL Trainer will likely not be suited to your lifting needs.

  20. Thanks for such a quick reply!
    I really don’t mind saving up $$ for quality gear. I find that saves more $$ in the long term.
    With that said, I guess it is up to me to decide the Pros/Cons of the adiPower vs Nike Romaleos.
    Leaning more towards the Romaleos as my feet are on the wider side and like the color choices more.
    (Sad because I LOVE Adidas and wish the adiPower comes in other colors than red!)

  21. This shoe seems to have been disappeared from Adidas official webshop. I asked the reason and got semiofficial answer that “I’m afraid so. These are completely out of stock and will only be available again when the new collection in the coming year will come on.”

    A new model for 2013?

    1. I don’t think so. They show up as fully in stock for me. I think they were just low on stock and were waiting for a pre-black friday stock to come in. I wouldn’t expect to see a new model until 2016.

  22. All in all, do you prefer these over the 2008 adistars?

    I was set on the 2008s and was about to send my order to dynamic eleiko, when I saw the adidas black friday sales. I ordered the 2012 models as they were a few dollars cheaper. I’m sure either would suit me fine, just wondering your opinion.

    1. The AdiStars were really nice but the Adipowers have several improvements such as being lighter and more flexible. I did like the upper material a little better on the adistars but only because I have really wide feet and that kangaroo leather had a lot of stretch to it!

  23. @WLShoes, question…which do you prefer the romaleos 2 or the adipower? I just bought a pair of the romaleos 2…they fit good, but overal they appear big…i have yet to try them out so im debating whether i should send em back for the adipower because of the lean profile…what should i do? let me know

    1. It comes down to personal fit and preference. If the Romos don’t fit, then try the Adipowers. No one here is going to tell you what shoe is best for you. The reviews and user comments are here to help you make an educated decision.

  24. Bought these a few months ago. Best decision I’ve ever made when it comes to training gear. Enables me to get the best depth for cleans, deadlifts and oly squats. The synthetic leather is great and tough. Starts off tight but loosens up nicely after a month or so. I’m a 10.5 in wider sneakers like Nike SB Dunk and 11 in everything else so I got an 11 and it fit perfect. The toe box is nice and flexible without getting loose. Sole and heel are very flat and sturdy. Laces are tough too, although they didn’t survive my mom’s dog and my cat. Had to replace them after a few months.

    My biggest gripe is the color. This Lamborghini orange/red kills me. Gets a lot of attention but I despise it. Granted, this is offset by the shoes being amazing. I will admit, if they released another color (almost any) I’d probably get them to rid myself of this erotic looking color lol.

  25. After reading many reviews and bouncing back and forth with the nikes and adidas, I finally invested in the adipowers today. I’ve had the Do Wins for a few years, and loved them, but are kind of heavy compared to the adidas. The toe part of the sole is coming undone as well, so its time for a new shoe, and I’m stoked.

    Thanks for the excellent review! This is the one that made me take the side of Adidas.

  26. Hey so I don’t currently do Oly lifts, but I want a pair of weightlifting shoes to help improve my squat. I would like a shoe that lasts for a while, and perhaps have the flexibility to accommodate Oly lifts if I find someone to teach me them in the future. I was thinking about these shoes (Adipower) vs the PowerPerfect II vs the Romaleos 2 vs the VS Athletics shoes. EastBay has a 20% of sale going on for the Adipowers (so that would be about $168 with shipping) vs the $150 for PowerPerfect II on What do you think? I’m not really lifting a whole lot of weight yet but would like to improve my high bar squat and overall get stronger. Thanks!

    1. Well, if you aren’t Oly lifting and you aren’t moving that much weight then the AdiPower and Romaleo are probably more shoe than you need. But then again, if you can get them for that cheap it may be a good idea. You might also look at the Risto Olimpico model. We just received a pair for review and what we’ve heard from others has been very promising.

  27. Hey does anyone know what the projected durability of these shoes if I’m using them for squats twice a week only on a powerlifting routine? 2 years? 3 years? Thanks

    1. They should last as long as any previous pair of Adidas lifting shoes. I still see people wearing the original power perfect and AdiStars that are 5+ years old. Treat them well and I’m sure the AdiPower should last a very long time.

    2. I’ve had these shoes since March of last year. Use them 3-4 days a week for Oly lifting, squatting and occasionally jumping rope in them. Obviously only wear them in the gym and they have held up wonderfully. No complaints at all. No rips, tears, nothing is peeling etc. The shoes are very durable. If you keep a close eye out places like Eastbay do run sales on this shoe. I picked mine up for $155 there last year!

  28. I currently have the Adidas PL Trainer and have already outgrown the shoe. Money really isn’t an issue so I was considering getting the Adipower or the PP2. The PL Trainers are a little tight but still comfortable so I’m not really sure if I want to get them or the Nike’s. I was also considering buying Rogue Do-Win’s or 2013 Pendlays when they come out again but not really sure about the quality. I personally prefer to buy quality once so I don’t have to buy again so that is why I am leaning more towards the Adipower.

    1. Might try the PP2 if the PL trainer felt tight since the AdiPower is .25″ narrower than the Powerperfect and the Power Lift trainer. Do-win are garbage in my book – they won’t last.

  29. You say these are specifically for weightlifting? Any good for powerlifting as other adidas shoes have been recommended for? (i.e. Adidas Power Perfect 2)



    1. Yes, these will work for a power lifter as well. Basically any shoe that is designed for weightlifting will work for powerlifting as well.

  30. Do these fit like other regular Adidas athletic shoes? Reason I ask, I have a pair I’ve been wearing for the last 11-12 years and they were sized more like a dress shoe (and made in germany) So I took a 9 in those but a 10 in adidas tennis shoes.

    1. They fit like regular athletic shoes from Adidas. They will be a little tight at first, this is normal with oly shoes, but they will stretch over time.

    2. Got the adipowers and while they are fine, I will miss my orginal power perfects. It kind of makes me scratch my head that the power perfects were leather with a wooden heel, made in germany and cost half as much (12 years ago but still).

      The adipowers btw are quite a bit roomier in the toe box volume wise and a touch wider. I’m a little concerned that all that padding in the shoe will compress over time and may loosen up.

  31. I am ready to pull the trigger on the AdiPowers. (I have been through two pairs of Do-Wins and received the Reebok Oly Shoes as a Christmas present)

    The only reason I havent purchased these yet is the hopes that Adidas will put out another color other than Core Energy.

    Id hate to purchase some Romaleos and then find out a week later that “AdiPowers now come in 8 new color options.”

    Any insight on this or should I just suck it up and get the same shoe that so many of my buddies have?

    1. That’s a bit of silly question. If money isn’t relevant than you would go with the higher priced shoe made by the same brand. Obviously they feel it is worth more for some reason or they wouldn’t have priced it higher. PP2 is good up to advanced lifters, AdiPower is designed for the Elite lifters.

  32. What kind of weight do the AdiPowers compress under? I have read that the PP2 withstand about 600lbs total (combined body weight and bar weight) without noticable compression. I also have been told the power trainers compress under weights above 500lb total.

  33. I just recently bought these and I am wondering how tight are these supposed to be? It feels good and snug from the front but then from the heel bit it feels a very tiny bit loose is that fine or should i go half a size smaller?

  34. So I have a chance to purchase the ’08 adistars in a size 10. I currently own the adipowers in a size 10 and they seem to fit pretty good.
    Do you think the half size jump is too much to fit comfortably & snugly?
    I really love those shoes and want them so bad but not if I can’t lift with them!


  35. I’m an idiot.
    I meant to write I had a chance to purchase the adistars in a size 10.5, not 10.

    Should I buy them if I wear a size 10 in the adipowers? Would a half size too big be really noticeable from one shoe to the other?

  36. I would like to get guide about sizing, I´m 10.5 in nano 2.0 ,3.0 and Reebok Oly Lifter and Lifter plus, and in most of the sports shoes this is my standard number but in every Adidas shoe that I have I must to go for the 11 size because 10.5 fits me slightly tight, as an example I have kanadia tr 4 and 5 and adidas running bounce and I had to buy all of this in size 11 so I´m very confused in the adidas sizing for this oly shoes, if this shoes are like the rest of addidas shoes I think I must to go for 11 size but I have read about people going a half or even one size down and I never have had to buy a 11 shoe in another brand because is really big for me , so could you give me your opinion in the size of this shoes, I really will appreciate your help


    1. The shoe should fit very tight and not slip in the heel. If you buy a size larger because of the narrow fit, then these may not work for you as they are very narrow. You could try an 11, but if the length doesn’t fit correctly then you will have issues with your foot sliding inside the shoe – no good when Oly lifting.

    1. The AdiStar aren’t available anymore. The PP2 and PL trainer use the same design but it is not straight lasted. The AdiPower Weightlift is pretty straight, with just a slight bit more toe box on the inside (medial) side of the shoe. It is definitely the straightest of the shoes I’ve reviewed so you probably won’t find a model any straighter. Some people find the shoe too narrow though so I suggest buying directly from Adidas’s website since they make returns super easy by including a return shipping label in the box.

  37. Tried to order these in my local adidas shop, they said it’s all fine and dandy and i even get the 25% discount they have right now. But now they called and said they can’t order these.
    Now im torn between ordering them somewhere else, but i don’t want to deal with problems when it comes to warranty and returns. My right foot is a bit wider and that creates problems with narrow shoes – already tried adidas sport shoes before ordering but i can’t really say if adipowers would fit as they have a bit different and narrower design.

    WLShoes, any alternative to adipowers ? Need to be “thick, thight & solid” and easy to order in europe preferably somewhere where i can try them on. Price and colors don’t really matter, although i would like them red and below 200 euro.

    1. Sorry, I’m not going to be of much help for UK customers. The AdiPowers are definitely the narrowest of all the shoes. You may want to try the new Risto shoes – I know they ship internationally and they fit a little wider.

  38. Any news on adidas removing the first lace loop on the 2014 version of the Adipower? Ive seen multiple people buy the new color off the adidas site and return it because the missing laceloop caused the shoe to be less stable then the previous Red shoe… now that im searching around I noticed that all new 2014 adipowers red and black are missing that lace loop

    1. I spoke with Rogue about the fact that the newer models (both black and normal red) are now coming with the revised lacing pattern (lower loops missing). They hadn’t heard any complaints of it, but searches across social media, forums, and other online outlets show that people are noticing a looser/sloppier fit in the midfoot/toe box area of the shoe as a result.

      I purchased mine from Eastbay and they verified that they only had my size in the newer lacing pattern, so I plan on taking them to a local shoe cobbler to have some lower lace loops added on if it becomes an issue.

  39. It is my first WL shoe, and right now i’m using it mainly for heavy squats (round 380lbs and increasing). Never had mobility issues or problems getting low enough; my chucks actually felt ok, but once you put on WL shoes, it’s a totally different world. Just walking out the weight feels totally different. The “glue” feeling is splendid. The weight doesn’t lift itself, but boy does that feel fantastic now.

    Also using it for bench press (where it seems to help with lower body involvement) and overhead press. Want to try Olympic WL in the future.

    Sizing: i know about the struggle of guessing the right size, specially when not living in the US but far far away, without an adequate possiblity of returning and exchanging the product. I also felt that adidas shoes are NOT having the same size through all their models. I measured my foot (with socks on) and had a look at the adidas sizing chart. i’m 28.4cm (with normal foot width), which would correspond to US 10.5 or EUR 44 2/3. Which was JUST the perfect size. No wiggle room, but no toe cramming neither. Big toe is slightly touching the front. One size smaller would for SURE have been painful. I wear size US 10 in chucks (which is actually 28.5cm too..).

    As opposed to what the reviewer seems to be experiencing, the shoe doesn’t get uncomfortable during workout. I could wear it forever (i guess it’s because of foot width). And living in a warm mediterranean country, where breathability can become an issue, i can tell that there’s no problem in that area neither.

  40. I am planning to buy a pair of Adidas Adipower but im a little bit skeptic about the size. Through youtube from what i heard, they said that you must choose a size half smaller than your original footsize. So i just wanna heard your explanation about this coz im wearing adidas running shoes size 9 (UK) so should i buy a size 9 for Adipower as well or half size smaller?

    1. Measure your foot with socks on. Go to adidas sizing chart. Should be ok like that if you don’t have very wide feet.

  41. Had try on of these on my own. First time i wear this pair of shoes, the performance speaks for itself. It clamp shuts tightly on your feet but sooner it moulds based on your feet. Olympic lifts and other compound lifts makes it nice and easy. Worth to buy if you are incorporate OLY lifts.

  42. I appreciate your thorough reviews and would like to purchase a pair of adipowers but your link no longer works. I would like you to get the commission. Would you please send a new link to my email?



  43. Hi, I powerlift and I’m getting in to competitions, I’m looking to buy some weightlifting shoes and I’m wondering if you could explain the difference between these and the adidas powerlift 2.0
    I’m torn as to what to get?

  44. I am recovering from plantar fascitis. I’ve laid off of heavy lifts for the past couple of weeks because my foot would throb for one to three days after. Usually, I wear orthodics with my sneakers. But, prefer to deadlift barefoot. I’m thinking Olympic lifting shoes might help stabilize my foot and prevent micro tears in the plantar muscle. Please let me know what you would recommend for a woman lifter with a narrow foot and low arch.

    Thank you.

  45. Hello, does the width of the shoe change when going upsizing or downsizing? I’m size 7 US and would like to know if the width would still be 3.75″ I really want this shoe and quite hesitant because of the sizing. They don’t produce Power Perfect 2.0 here as well so my options would be this or Romaleos 2. Any help would be appreciated.

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