New Site Features: Shoe Width and Weight!

In an effort to provide answers for two of THE MOST asked questions I see on this site, and boards across the net, I’ve added two new specifications under the “Shoe Features” section of each review. As the title exclaims, these will be Shoe Weight and Shoe Width. While these won’t provide the exact weight and width of EVERY shoe due to obvious differences in sizes, it will provide a baseline for which all shoes can be measured.

HELP ME OUT HERE! Since I have a short, square hobbit foot, all measurements will be based on a size 9 US men’s shoe or the equivalent size for the specific brand. I wish I would have thought of this sooner because I don’t have access to many of the shoes that I’ve already reviewed. So… if you happen to wear a size 9 and you have access to an accurate scale AND you know how to use a tape measurer, you can post up the measurements so I can include them on the shoe specs.

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  1. Quick question on shoe sizing…NOT talking specifically about width and all those details…I just want to know a general comparison…like something you could put into a chart…

    as in…GENERALLY, will a sz 10 Reebok translate to a sz 10 Adidas and Nike as well…?? We all know Adidas is narrower etc…I'm just talking general overall sizing comparison. Not how Perfect or Comfortable it is, but again, a general comparison.

    I apologize if this is covered in detail somewhere else. I looked and could not find anything. Just very interesting…

    Maybe, comparing every brand to a Converse Chuck sizing would have some utility in it…almost anyone can find some Chucks to try on…

    1. This certainly seems like a good idea, but I've found that shoes fit people different regardless. I may wear a size 9 Reebok and a size 8 Converse, but someone else may wear a 9 and 8.5 (I've actually seen this) so putting up a chart using a specific shoe as a base comparison will probably not work either. Although it is probably a better idea than what all the retailers say, i.e. "Go one-half size down from your regular athletic shoe". Wow, really… which shoe? My Vibrams, New Balance or my Nike Frees? It's definitely something to consider.

  2. Thanks for the speedy reply…I guess I will order something from roguefitness and just return it if it doesn't fit. Gonna go with 10.5 Reebok Oly's (the only shoe I own in any of the companies reviewed on this site is a pair of sz 10 Adidas Sambas…but i wear a 9.5 Converse…and a 10.5 Vans!)

  3. Something that might work would be a scale image of each shoe's sole? Optimally a trace of the inside sole?

    Or using a tape measure to get the internal sole length, which is usually foot length + 0.5cm for a fitting shoe?

  4. Has anyone out there purchased the Risto “Russian” Olympic lifting shoes??

    I have had a pair of original Russian lifting shoes for over 40 years and they are still good. My problem is (probably just getting older!) due to recent foot issues I now need a wider and larger sized shoe.
    I have to wear orthotics due to foot issues. I actually bought a pair of low cut shoes, but I kept feeling like my heels were going to come out.

    I really like theRussian style shoe. Probably since I’ve had a pair for so long. I’m a little concerned about the comments about Risto quality and service.

    I did e-mail Risto about the shoes and I received a reply litterally in minutes from Ivan.

    The thing is these shoes are custom made, they say they take 8-10 weeks to get and there is no sending them back if there is an issue.
    I really like that I can give them my speecifications, size, width, heel size etc.
    Unfortunately my ankles aren’t as flexible as they used to be so I need a bigger heel.
    Would greatly appreciate any imput.
    Problem is I haven’t found any other shoes I like.


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