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  1. Risto Rio

    The Risto Rio Olympic Lifting Shoe, released in 2014, is the Company's 4th model and the best looking one to date. Clean lines, lots of texture and high contrast color ways are just some of the new models features. Priced in the $150 range, this hand made, all leather shoe could be in serious contention with best Oly shoe of 2014.

  2. Topo Athletic RX

    Topo has burst onto the zero-drop scene with an interesting split-toe design intended for use in functional fitness applications. We put the RX model to the test and see just how they perform as an all-purpose trainer.

  3. Reebok CrossFit Nano Speed

    The Nano Speed has been developed by Reebok to round out their CrossFit product line and provide an alternative style of shoe. By taking on a more traditional running shoe design and incorporating CrossFit specific enhancements, the Speed compares more directly to Inov-8 and other competing brands than their previous models. This model is also competitively priced and it will be interesting to see if it lures newcomers...

  4. Reebok Nano 3.0

    Continually working towards crafting the perfect CrossFit trainer, Reebok has launched the Nano 3.0 which boasts a tougher design but at the cost of additional weight. We take a look at this third revision and see if the improvements made by Reebok are significant enough to make the Nano 3 a worthwhile purchase.

  5. Risto Olimpico

    The newest Oly design by Risto Sports combines all the features we loved from previous models with an updated style. The price tag is a bit higher than what we've seen from Risto in the past, but the Olimpico is intended to compete directly with big box brands Nike, Adidas and Reebok.

  6. Nike Romaleos 2

    An update to the original Nike Oly shoe, this version has a few refinements in its design to increase its functionality as well as new colorways. This model is marketed to compete directly with the AdiPower and with such a high cost, it deserves a thorough review of exactly how it measures up.

  7. New Balance Minimus 20v2

    Building on previous designs this shoe features upgraded Vibram sole construction and a lighter overall feel than its predecessor. A great choice as a cross trainer, but the MX20v2 might not have what it takes to survive the repeated abuses of CrossFit.

  8. Reebok CrossFit Nano 2

    Reebok has managed to pack a lot of features into a single shoe in order to meet the demands of the Crossfitter. The Nano 2.0 picks up where the previous model left off, tweaking the original design based on real world testing. Still having the same overall feel, the new Nano is an improvement on an already impressive design.

  9. New Balance MX20 Minimus 20v1

    A cross trainer with a lightweight and simplistic design, the MX20 has exploded onto the CrossFit scene as a "must-have" shoe due to it's versatility and low cost. Our guest reviewer Nick takes a deeper look at what makes this shoe such a solid choice.

  10. Adidas Power Perfect 2

    While often confused with the Power Lift Trainer, the Power Perfect 2.0 features exclusive design features that make it better suited for serious lifters. Among these differences include a stiffer sole plate, higher heel and wider fit than other Adidas models.

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