Rogue Rip Power Lifting

UPDATE: 6/23/2011

This model has been discontinued by Rogue and has been replaced with the new Adidas PowerLift Trainers.


New for 2010 is the Rogue RIP weightlifting boot shoe. We refer to it as a “boot shoe” because it has the look and design of a boot but feels like a shoe. This is the ONLY weightlifting shoe that I’m aware of that is produced with a .5″ heel, the height that creator Mark Rippetoe recommends for power lifters. The shoe was fabricated and designed especially for those following the famous “Starting Strength” program created by Mr. Rippetoe.

Let me preface the rest of this review by stating that this shoe is NOT an Olympic weightlifting shoe. If you are familiar with “Starting Strength”, the lifts utilized by its participants are squats, bench press, dead lifts, overhead presses and power cleans. In other words, it is a power lifting based program. That is what this shoe is designed for, nothing else.

The shoe is made in a different plant than the Rogue Do-Wins and as such, the quality is a little higher. The half inch heel make this really comfortable throughout your workout as well. I find that most weightlifting shoes are great when you are lifting, but they absolutely suck to walk in. This has to be one of the only weightlifting shoes that you can wear in the gym and actually walk around without feeling uncomfortable.

The heel is of a solid construction with no compression and the outer material is a very high quality suede with mesh sides so they break in quickly and breath well. Overall the shoe seem very durable and should serve its purpose very well. These are not Do-Win style shoes so the width is about average. Rogue has yet to release information on sizing so we don’t know yet if they run big or small.


These shoes are only available through Rogue Fitness.


  • Quality materials, great construction
  • Unique half inch heel


  • Limited quantity and production problems make them difficult to find in stock

4 thoughts on “Rogue Rip Power Lifting”

    1. That's going to depend on your style AND your required heel height. The shoes are well made, but not sure how a low heel would work for a quick move like a split snatch or jerk. You should be fine just doing cleans, squats, overhead pressed, etc.

    1. I think so they are, however my understanding is tha Risto makes mostly shoes for Olympic weightlifting only given that the owners are deeply involved in the sport and they coach world level athletes that comne to their training center.

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