Otomix Extreme Trainer Shoe

The Otomix Extreme Trainer Pro Shoe is the latest in style and design from this popular manufacturer. The trainer is, as the name would imply, more of a training shoe then an Olympic lifting style shoe. The high top design and zero-height sole make it great for all types of lifting including those lifts that you would rather not have a heeled shoe such as deadlifts.

Adidas AdiStar

Adidas has been producing shoes for the sport of weightlifting dating back to the 1970s. Debuting in 2008 at the Olympic Games in Beijing, the AdiStar Weightlifting is probably one of the most well known models of shoes amongst Olympic weightlifters. The model boasts several upgrades and improvements over the older and cheaper Ironwork models.

Otomix Power Trainer

The Power Trainer 4000 by Otomix is good all around shoe for multiple uses including bodybuilding and martial arts training. Otomix has incorporated extra protection and support in this model causing it to be somewhat bulky and "thick" feeling. However, these shoes have increased arch support throughout the mid-sole making them a very good choice for people with flat feet or fallen arches.