What Are Weightlifting Shoes?

If you’re wondering what weightlifting shoes are and if they are worth buying, you aren’t alone. This piece of specialized equipment is relatively new to mainstream fitness and has many people scratching their heads. Their sudden appearance in gyms across the nation can be largely attributed to the rise in CrossFit and the overall awareness … Continue reading What Are Weightlifting Shoes?

Reebok CrossFit Nano Speed

The Nano Speed has been developed by Reebok to round out their CrossFit product line and provide an alternative style of shoe. By taking on a more traditional running shoe design and incorporating CrossFit specific enhancements, the Speed compares more directly to Inov-8 and other competing brands than their previous models. This model is also competitively priced and it will be interesting to see if it lures newcomers or die-hard Inov-8 fans to the Reebok camp.