Adidas Ironwork 3

UPDATE: 10/25/2010

This model has been discontinued and replaced by the new “Adidas Power Perfect” model.


The Adidas Ironwork III Olympic weight lifting shoes is another great example of a large brand manufacturer branching out to a smaller group of athletes with specific needs. Overall the Ironwork 3 is a great shoe, especially if you have narrower feet as they tend to fit this foot type better than Do-Win style shoes. These shoes don’t share most of the advanced design of their bigger brother the AdiStar, but they do fit more like a regular athletic shoe.

The main disappointment with this shoe is, like all name brand products, they are somewhat cost prohibitive coming in at about $30 more than comparable shoes. Also, the limited style and variety means you are going to wear a white pair as this is the only color available. While I’m not knocking name brand shoes (I definitely have some Nike and Asic trainers in my closet) it just seems that there are other brands in the weightlifting market that are made just as well (if not better), have more options and cost much less. But again, if you have skinny feet, these shoes may be the best fit for you.


  • Narrow fit, great if you have skinny feet or like a really tight shoe
  • Well made, exposed wood block heel
  • Fit more like a “sneaker”


  • Narrow fit, sucks if you have wide feet
  • More expensive than comparable shoes on the market

15 thoughts on “Adidas Ironwork 3”

  1. Just received my pair today from Excellent company and product; ordered over the phone and shoes came six days later.

    I measured 1.125 inches from the bottom of the rubber sole to the top of the wood. The wood is one inch, with the sole accounting for the extra 1/8th inch.

    About sizing: dress shoe size should be accurate. I ordered a 10.5 and they fit perfectly. They indeed fit narrow. For reference, I wear an 11 in Nike shoes, an 11 in Adidas Mundial Team soccer turf cleats, and a 10.5 in Adidas Copa Mundial soccer cleats.

  2. I've been using these shoes for about 6 months and to be honest I do not like them at all. I don't feel stable at the bottom of the lifts and I believe the heel height is too high which and is causing me knee pain. The Nike Romaleos are on the way. I'll update you guys on though's as soon as I can. Bottom line is I wouldn't sell these shoes to a friend.

    1. Interesting, haven't had a lot of folks complain about heel height. I believe the Romaleos and the Ironwork are both 0.75" effect heel heights. Perhaps it's the way the shoe fits you? Either way, let us know how the Romaleo's work out for you. I'm still trying to get a pair for review!

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