Otomix Power Trainer


The Power Trainer 4000 by Otomix is good all around shoe for multiple uses including bodybuilding and martial arts training. Otomix has incorporated extra protection and support in the Power Trainer causing it to be somewhat bulky and “thick” feeling. However, these shoes have increase arch support throughout the mid-sole making them a very good choice for people with flat feet or fallen arches.

Ultimately, if you are looking for a shoe that would satisfy the needs of various sports, including bodybuilding, weightlifting and martial arts training, then this shoe may be your cup of tea.

Just like it’s cousin, the Otomix Stingray, this shoe features a lightweight, high-top design. The power trainer is a little heaver due to less mesh being used in the shoe and the denser sole. This shoe is also available in men’s and women’s sizes and comes in solid black or white with black accents. Again, as far as weightlifting goes this shoe is mostly useful to power lifters and those that use them for heavy deadlifts.

Ultimately, if you are going to buy a pair of otomix, your best bet would be the Stingray model due to their lower price, lighter feel and extended versatility.


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    1. I've seen some of the black suede models in person and they aren't terrible looking, but they do look more like wrestling-moccasins. Only guys I see wear them use the for squats and deads, that's about it.

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