2010 Rogue Weightlifting Shoes


Today we’re going to look at the 2010 Rogue Weightlifting shoe. The 2010 models from Rogue have been redesigned totally from previous years. The result is a cleaner looking shoe for both brands but unfortunately the same quality control issues are still present.

Visually, the shoes look much better than the previous models. The styling is simple and sleek, black suede with the traditional Do-Win triple stripe down the sides and a white binding along the seam of the heel. The heel is still made of pressed cork wood, not a material I am a fan of due to its low durability, but has been lowered from 1.5″ to 0.75″. This height seems to be the “norm” for Olympic lifting shoes and I think it is a better height to use in the 2010 model.

Since all these are made in the same Chinese factory and distributed in the USA by MuscleDriverUSA, they are all pretty much identical. The only difference with the Rogue models is the suede exterior, double-straps and the only color available being black. Unfortunately they are both plagued with the same quality control issues that we’ve come to expect from lower-end, mass produced Chinese shoes. Complaints range from splitting of the wood heel, separation of the rubber sole from the heel, mis-aligned soles and even un-level heels.

Rogue does seem to have a better handle on some of these issues than other retailers do. For example, I’ve heard several people complain about receiving similarly rebranded shoes that are missing laces, or have other very obvious flaws. I think this comes down to Rogue having a better managed warehouse with people that are actually paying attention to the product and not just grabbing from a shelf and throwing it in a box.

The shoes should hold up well for all styles of lifting, Olympic included. Since these can be less durable than other shoes on the market you will need to keep very good care of the shoes. Be sure not to expose them to water or high humidity and do not use them for any non-weight lifting uses. For example don’t try and do box jumps, calf raises or burpees in your damn weightlifting shoes.

While the Rogue brand is about $10 more than other US models, you make this up with the free shipping offered by Rogue. So price wise, they cost basically the same. And personally, we like the Rogues better for the above mentioned reasons.


All 2010 Rogues run one half size smaller than a typical running shoes and one half size larger than a pair of Chuck Taylors. So if a size 10 athletic shoe (nike, adidas, etc) fits you nice and tight, then a size 9.5 Rogue shoe should fit. If you wear a size 9 Chuck, then a size 9.5 should fit. Keep in mind the “shape” of your foot may have some bearing on how the shoe fits; wider or narrower feet may fit a little different. All the companies we work with have good exchange policies, so if you get a pair that doesn’t fit, simply call them up and exchange them.


The only place you will find these shoes for sale is directly from Rogue Fitness.


  • Comfortable fit, suede breaks in easy
  • Rogue has great customer service
  • Free Shipping!


  • Only available in Black
  • Suede not as durable as solid leather
  • Some quality control issues

11 thoughts on “2010 Rogue Weightlifting Shoes”

  1. How well does the suede last? Does the double strap help stop the suede from stretching?

    How does the durability of the material compare to the leather brands, like Pendlay's?

  2. I have the 2009 version, which I've used for about a year. @Carey so far the suede is doing great and hasn't degraded at all. The only noticeable signs of wear are some chipping-off of the rubber that goes on the sides of the wooden sole (I think they eliminated this issue with the 2010s) and the laces getting frayed from the velcro straps. So far a great shoe to get started with–I probably won't need to upgrade for at least another year.

  3. Just got Rogue Do-Wins and used them for lifting once, very nice and comfortable shoes. I usually wear size 10.5 running shoes and size 10 regular shoes. I got 9.5 Rogues, fit me nicely.

  4. Bad news–the sole on mine is now cracked and coming off on the toe (of my right foot, which goes back on the split jerk). It looks like I will probably need to replace mine sooner than I expected. I'm going to try superglue for now.

  5. I just got the 2010 Rogues in size 10 US and they fit me really well. For reference, I wear size 10 US Chuck Taylors, size 10.5 US New Balance runners, and size 10.5 US inov-8 flite 230's.

  6. I am looking for a lifting shoe that can offer good support and be used in light met-con work as well. I do crossfit and need something that won't destroy my feet if I am doing spilts and burpees.

    1. I have not. I certainly hope they are better made than the 2010-2011 shoes – they are somewhat disappointing. I think the quality of those models speaks for itself considering they skipped the 2012 year because they still had too many 2011’s in stock!

  7. I have the 2011 Rogue Do-Wins and the soles are crap, they separate from the shoe and are chipped under the toe big time. I tried supergluing the soles back on but then they start to chip. Notified Rogue and they really didn’t care. This shoe is not worth $119.

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