Save 10% on Risto Shoes

For a Limited Time Get 10% Off Risto Sports Olympic Weightlifting Shoes With This Special Promo Code. Right now you can get a pair of the only handmade weightlifting shoes on the market, crafted from solid leather and featuring a proportional wood heel, for just a little more than most the other brands costs. Yea... I'd jump on this deal before it's over, or they run out of stock.

2011 Pendlay Do-Win Revealed

Pendlay has just announced the release of a new model of Do-Wins for 2011, the Wide Line Stitch, or WL for short. They will be available for purchase on or around January 15th of next year. With this release comes the discontinuing of several colors of the 2010 do-win model including white, blue and red. Pendlay will continue making the hot-selling Women's pink and gray Do-win as well as the Men's gray model but they will be referred to as Do-Win "Classics" from here on.