Where to Buy Weightlifting Shoes in the UK?

Despite the fact that Olympic weightlifting is a much more popular sport in European countries, apparently it is difficult to find online retailers that offer lifting shoes to Europeans. While some American companies do offer international shipping, the shipping cost plus VAT is usually not worth the effort. So why is it so hard to find a quality, low cost shoe overseas? Especially when some American shoe brands are utilizing factories in Armenia and other relatively close countries.

The Evolution of Athletic Shoes (Graphic)

Athletic footwear has come a long way in the last 100 years.Technology and medical science have come together to give us a greater understanding of the human body and how to design shoes that function properly for all feet. Advancements in shoe design and material have been ongoing since the first pair of animal hide moccasins were created. We found a really cool infographic that follows the history of sports footwear over the centuries.

Risto Converts Oly Shoes and Trainers to US Sizing

In an effort to make it easier for customers to choose the correct shoe size, Risto Sports has converted all of their shoes to US standard sizing. This does away with the old sizing chart that required you to measure your foot and follow instructions for selecting a size. The problem with this system was many people fell between two measurements and weren’t sure which size to order, leading many to guess and select the wrong size.