New Adidas PowerLift Trainers Revealed

UPDATE: Click Here to Read Our Full Review of These Shoes

We just heard from Rogue that they are discontinuing the RIP weightlifting shoe due to production issues. Fortunately, we’ve found a really good replacement for the RIPs in the new Adidas PowerLift Trainers. I don’t have all the specs on the shoes yet, but from what I can tell they are a really nice pair of lifting shoes that should work for all but the most hardcore lifters. The heel is going to provide an effective 0.60″ lift, a little higher than the former RIP shoes but lower than the typical 0.75″ that you find on most other Olympic lifting shoes. What we don’t know yet is how “soft” the heel is going to be, since it is made of EVA foam.

The shoes are also available in 3 colors we’ve found 5 total colors and the styling is very nice. They look a lot like the Adidas Power Perfect weightlifting shoes that were introduced earlier this year. Once we get all the details we’ll let you guys know what all we can about this new offering from Adidas.

11 thoughts on “New Adidas PowerLift Trainers Revealed”

  1. So what exactly are the differences between these shoes and the Power Perfect IIs?  They seem to be about $40 less than the Power Perfects.

    1. I jut recently got my Powerlift Trainers, the heel is foam, but very dense and I honestly haven't felt it give at all when I'm lifting.  The people at Rogue told me that it's mainly designed for powerlifting, but also good for Oly lifting too.  The heel on these are a .6 inches, and the heel on the PP II is .75 inches.  I've never worn the pp II, the only oly shoe I have to compare it to are Do-Wins, and I do like that they have a slightly smaller heel.

  2. I just got them in the mail. They feel great. I typically wear a 10 in work boots. I got a 10.5. The size is good but a little more narrow than i like. The is foam but very dense and solid. I did power cleans with no problem, they felt great. I will be doing squats tomorrow. i will update then.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I've been waiting to here what you thought of the shoes before I order a pair for a friend. Narrow? Width? are your toes touching the front of the shoe or is it roomy? I appreciate your input.

    2. Adidas are known for running on the narrow side, especially near the toe. I'd be interested to know how the heel cup feels, as that is one area that is usually left fairly flat on all but the higher-end shoes.

    3. They were a little narrow on one of my feet, but they streched out after a few workouts. The heel cup is relativly flat but stable.

  3. I have done three workouts in these so far. They were a little narrow on one foot when i started but they have stretched nicely. The grip of these shoes is excellent. Squats felt great; i squat low bar with feet a bit more than shoulder width apart. I have been lifting in minimalist (Five-fingers). I did not feel like i was going to fall forward or anything. The biggest surprise was the deadlifts. I was expecting the shoes to hurt that lift. Quite to the contrary they make me feel much more stable. These shoes do not seem to have any of the manufacturing defects that many people complain about in other brands. They are very comfortable and have a surprising amount of flex in the front of the foot.


    1. Much appreciated. This is the kind of stuff I'm trying to get people to do… leave their thoughts and first hand experiences here on the site for the world to read.

    2. Thank You. Sounds like it is a promising shoe. I have been waiting to hear your review. I will purchase these shoes now!!

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