Risto Linea Blanca V2 and Women’s LG Thunder

Risto has just released an updated version of the Linea Blanca Series 2 shoe. It looks as though they remedied all the prior issues we had with the shoe and it now follows the same design and style as the White Thunder model. I must say, this shoe looks SICK!

Risto has also discontinued the old Pink Thunder shoe and replaced it with the new LG Thunder – which I’m guessing is short for Ladies Gray…? I definitely like this style better than the old Pink Thunder, and it now follows the same design and styling as the other Series 2 models. My only complaint would be that the gray colored leather is a little too silver looking to me, I’d prefer a dark gray, but I’m not a girl so who knows.

I believe this rounds out Risto’s offerings for 2011 since they now have 3 congruent models that all look really good. I’ve also been told that all the production and inventory issues have been taken care of with Risto moving to a new facility and able to stock more shoes.

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