Save 10% on Risto Shoes

Alright folks. Here’s a great chance to get your hands on the new Ristos for a really good price. I know not everyone can afford to drop $140 + shipping on a new pair of kicks just for lifting. And it becomes even harder to justify the cost when there are so many other (good) brands of shoes out there that may be a little cheaper, but will still get the job done. Risto is aware of this as well and has decide to offer a time limited promotion of 10% off all their Risto shoes.

Simple Click This Link and Use the Following Discount Coupon During Your Checkout: XFITFRIENDS

Risto hasn’t announced how long they plan on offering this deal so I would get your pair as soon as you can.

Now Let’s Recap: Right now you can get a pair of the only handmade weightlifting shoes on the market, crafted from solid leather and featuring a proportional wood heel, for just a little more than most the other brands costs. Yea… I’d jump on this deal before it’s over, or they run out of stock.

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