Women’s Pendlay Do-Wins Out of Stock Until April!

I just received word from MuscleDriverUSA (parent company of Pendlay Barbell) that the Women’s Do-Win weightlifting shoes are going to be out of stock until April of 2011 (at least all the popular sizes anyway). Very interesting. Rogue as well has been out of stock of their Do-Wins for several months already, and since they get their shoes from MuscleDriver (you can read up on the Do-Win – MDUSA – Rogue connection in this article) I’m wondering if they too will not receive a new shipment until April. If so, that really sucks for Rogue and is just one more reason they should get away from the Do-Win brand all together. Not to mention the fact that the Do-Wins are crappy quality shoes…

3 thoughts on “Women’s Pendlay Do-Wins Out of Stock Until April!”

  1. Would adidas powerperfect 2's be a good alternative to the do-wins for women with narrow feet? (like, aaa narrow). I ordered the pendlay ladies do-wins in an 8.5, and only after my order was complete did they notify me they were on backorder for a few months. Nice. Does anyone happen to know if the ladies do-wins run narrower than the men's, or if they are the exact same footprint just with girlier colors?

    1. The Adidas shoes are probably the most narrow you will find for weightlifting shoes. From what I've seen the Women's Pendlay shoes are the exact same footprint as the men's equivalent size, they are just sized for women and have girly colors. Never heard of IronEven shoes, but I will definitely get in contact with them and see if they are interested in providing us what we need to do a review.

      On a side note, MuscleDriver's Warehouse (the parent company for Pendlay) is pretty slow with the customer service on orders. And what most people do not realize is that NO other company stocks Pendlay products, they are all sold drop-ship from the MuscleDriver warehouse. In other words, you are buying the shoe from company A but it is actually shipping from company B. This isn't a big deal, except for when returns or exchanges come up and you are now dealing with a middle-man regarding your customer service.

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