The Evolution of Athletic Shoes (Graphic)

Shoes designed for a specific sporting purpose are nothing new, they’ve been around for hundreds of years in one form or another. But like everything else, technology has propelled athletic shoe design to amazing advancements. Super light materials that defy Newtonian physics can be found in running shoes. Incredibly rigid materials like TPU that remain light weight can be found in everything from lifting shoes to “supportive” running shoes. Anti-microbial inserts used in minimalist shoes are another new feature that comes to mind.

Through all of this, running shoes have certainly led the way in design and technology advancements. This is likely because foot, ankle and lower leg injuries have plagued athletes (especially runners) for years. Running and sports shoe advancements have been eagerly sought out by all types of athletes and this is the driving force behind break throughs in footwear design. New Balance shoes are just one of the running shoe companies that have contributed to the evolution of this process. Companies such as Schuler Shoes specialize in footwear customization and assess each person’s foot independently to get the perfect fit for an athlete. They’ve also created a really great visual aid for understanding the historical changes of athletic footwear over time. Follow the path through this infographic and read about some of the major highlights of the evolution of the athletic shoe throughout history!

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