Otomix Stingray Escape Shoe


Marketed as an MMA shoe, the Otomix Stingray is actually a multi-purpose high-top suitable for use as a powerlifting shoe, wrestling shoe and various other sports. I actually have a few friends that wear these shoes when racing cars because they are lightweight and thin enough to “feel” the pedals below you.

As far as weightlifting goes, these shoes are mainly used by power lifters and push/pull competitors that are just concerned with deadlifts and bench pressing. Because of the high-top design, you will need to unlace the top two eyelets to allow for forward knee movement during a squat. For the same reason, bodybuilders will need to keeps these unlaced so they can perform their 8 x 50 set of calf raises ; )

Since these are not a true weight lifting shoes, I’m not going to rate them as such. I will say that Otomix has been making solid quality products for the bodybuilding and athletic community for many years and these shoes are no exception. I like the fact that these shoes are cheap and versatile. If you had to own 1 pair of shoes for all your agility, plyo and weightlifting needs – these just may do it.

Available in both men’s and women’s sizes but the only color is black with white writing. The material is mesh and suede with a thin rubber sole so they feel very light on your feet. The high-top design, as mentioned above, may add some stability to your deadlifts. Outside of weightlifting these make great training shoes for agility drills, plyo work, etc.


These shoes are available in many places across the internet buy we’ve found the best price to be at Bodybuilding.com – not to mention that bodybuilding.com is a great company with awesome customer service.

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  1. I have been wearing these for 10 years+ hold up well with 600lbs on your back or dead lifting 600lbs best shoe for power lifting or bodybuilding plus they lood good!

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