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If you are a manufacturer or retailer of a product or brand that we currently do not have listed on our site, you can use this form to request that we add your product to our database. Please be aware that we require a sample of all products to be shipped to us so that we may perform an actual physical inspection of the shoes. This policy is non-negotiable as we feel physical inspection upholds the integrity of our reviews. Once the inspection has been completed, we will ship the shoes back to you if you so desire. We will cover the costs of return shipping of your product back to you for domestic shipping in the lower 48 states only.


If you have a comment, review or question about a specific model or brand of shoe, please leave it on the appropriate review page. We monitor and respond to all submissions and by leaving your comment on the page, others can benefit from the answer to your question as well as submit their own answer! We are also working on implementing a forum for users of this site to share even more information, so check back often for these new community features.

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