Adidas AdiStar’s Back in Stock!

adistar weightlifting

As we reported earlier this year, the new Adidas AdiPower Weightlifting shoes are set to be released for the 2012 London Summer Olympics; at that time they will replace the current AdiStar line.

But with the Olympic games still 6 months off, Adidas appears to have no plans on giving up on the AdiStar model anytime soon.

And why would they? The Adidas AdiStar model, released in 2008, has sold so well over the last 3.5 years that Adidas regularly runs out of stock – they’ve currently been out of most sizes for the last few months now.

For those of you who have been waiting for Adidas to restock the AdiStars, I’m happy to say that they now have a full stock of all sizes, from 4.5 to 16, available at their website – They are also shipping these shoes for free.

This is likely to be the last shipment they receive since the release of the AdiPower lifting shoe IS right around the corner. Once those hit the market, it’s likely that they will lower the price of the AdiStar. If you aren’t dead-set on a new pair of Oly shoes just yet, you can take your chances and see if they have your size available then.

2 thoughts on “Adidas AdiStar’s Back in Stock!”

  1. I am a powerlifter & lift in the Adistars (black and white, 2008 Olympic model). I had a USAPL judge question them at my last meet (July 2012)….probably because of their unusual heel construction/appearance. Do you have any idea how I can confirm that they are USAPL approved? The USAPL website doesn’t have specific approved models. Thanks.

    1. That’s weird, that shoe has been around for a long time. I’m not sure about an approved list, but these are the requirements for the IPF.

      Shoes or boots
      Shoes or boots shall be worn.
      (a) Shoes shall be taken to include only Sports Shoes / Sports Boots; W/L, P/L Boots or Deadlift
      Slippers. The above is referring to indoor sports e.g. wrestling/basketball. Hiking boots do not fall
      into this category
      (b) No part of the underside shall be higher than 5 cm.
      (c) The underside must be flat i.e. no projections, irregularities, or a doctoring from the standard
      (d) Loose inner soles that are not part of the manufactured shoe shall be limited to one centimeter

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