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Welcome to, the ONLY website and online community dedicated solely to weight training footwear. It may seem crazy, but the type of shoes you chose for your training can have a drastic impact on your form, safety and overall ability to perform your lifts. Wearing the proper shoes for your style of lifting and training will increase the overall efficiency of your training. Not surprisingly, there are numerous options that vary in more than just name and styling. From traditional Oly style shoes with 3/4 inch heels, to hybrids and custom heel heights - this site is here to help you select the correct lifting shoe for you.

Looking for a specific weight lifting shoe review? Well you're in the right place. We have user submitted and experts reviews, video comparisons and detailed write-ups on all the newest models as well as the latest industry news and deals on shoes. Our reviews are organized under the categories of CrossFit, Olympic Lifting Shoes, Power Lifting Shoes, Bodybuilding and Minimalist. We strive to write thorough and unbiased reviews on everything from Oly shoes to trainers and we encourage all of our readers to leave their own experiences and thoughts as well. Together we hope to build the internet's largest and most useful database on all fitness training shoes available on the market.

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Risto Rio

The Risto Rio Olympic Lifting Shoe, released in 2014, is the Company's 4th model and the best looking one to date....

Topo Athletic RX

Topo has burst onto the zero-drop scene with an interesting split-toe design intended for use in functional fitness applications. We put...

Reebok CrossFit Nano Speed

The Nano Speed has been developed by Reebok to round out their CrossFit product line and provide an alternative style of...

Reebok Nano 3.0

Continually working towards crafting the perfect CrossFit trainer, Reebok has launched the Nano 3.0 which boasts a tougher design but at...

Risto Olimpico

The newest Oly design by Risto Sports combines all the features we loved from previous models with an updated style. The...

Nike Romaleos 2

An update to the original Nike Oly shoe, this version has a few refinements in its design to increase its functionality...

New Balance Minimus 20v2

Building on previous designs this shoe features upgraded Vibram sole construction and a lighter overall feel than its predecessor. A great...

Reebok CrossFit Nano 2

Reebok has managed to pack a lot of features into a single shoe in order to meet the demands of the...

New Balance MX20 Minimus 20v1

A cross trainer with a lightweight and simplistic design, the MX20 has exploded onto the CrossFit scene as a "must-have" shoe...

Most Recent Blog Posts and Articles

New Black and Red AdiPower Drops!

To everyone's surprise, Adidas released the new black and red adipower weightlifting shoe on 3/13/2014. We were anticipating the release of the white model, but we didn't expect (or even know) that Adidas had another color-way in the works. With three different color combinations to chose from, Adidas will likely win over new customers.

New White Adidas AdiPower Weightlifting Shoes

Weren't a fan of the neon orange color of the Adipowers? Well it's your lucky day because it looks as though Adidas will be adding a white model AdiPower to their lineup. This will no doubt improve their market share since many lifters were unhappy with the limited color options before.

What Are Weightlifting Shoes?

If you’re wondering what weightlifting shoes are and if they are worth buying, you aren’t alone. This piece of specialized equipment is relatively new to mainstream fitness and has many people scratching their heads. Their sudden appearance in gyms across the nation can be largely attributed to the rise in CrossFit and the overall awareness of why you should be wearing this type of shoe for a workout. Since there is a lot of misinformation and honest ignorance out there, I want to quickly dismiss some of the more common fallacies about this type of footwear. WEIGHTLIFTING SHOES ARE NOT: Overpriced dress shoes with straps The same as putting plates or boards under your heels Only for Olympic lifters...

Adidas End of Season Sale Going on Right Now

It's that time and retailers are clearing shelves and warehouses to make room for new models and inventory. Adidas is having an awesome End of Season Sale going on on right now that features over 1,700 items on sale for up to half off their normal price. The sale will run until all items are sold out so you will want to act fast to get items in your size!

New Inov-8 Weightlifting Shoe Coming July 2013

One of the original choices amongst CrossFit athletes, Inov-8 is taking a stab at the Oly shoe market with the new FastLift 335/315. It is being touted as one of the lightest lifting shoes ever released with a design that combines a lightweight trainer with a molded, TPU heel. We take a quick look at the design and some of the features this model is reported to have.

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