Risto Converts Oly Shoes and Trainers to US Sizing

Undoubtedly the most troublesome aspect of the Risto brand shoes has been their sizing system, which appeared to be EU sizing but was in fact based on Colombian shoe sizes, the locale where the shoes were produced. When I was first introduced to Risto products three years ago I told the owners that the sizing system should be updated to standard US sizing. After all, US customers are their #1 market and requiring people to measure their feet and follow a sizing “chart” is asking a bit much.

Well, Risto has finally come around and converted all the shoes in their product line to US sizes. Since their shoes are made by hand, this required creating all new molds for every size of each model. You can now understand why they were reluctant to do this. In the end, I believe the new sizing system will help increase their sales and reduce overhead by decreasing the amount of returns for wrong sizes ordered. I’ve yet to see how the sizing system compares to other US sized shoes so if you have a new pair of the Ristos, please let us know how they fit. If you’ve been on the fence about purchasing a pair of Ristos because of the sizing, now you can head over to RistoSports.com and select a size with a bit more certainty.

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