Otomix Versa Trainer Pro


The Otomix Versa Trainer Pro is the flagship model made by popular bodybuilding apparel company Otomix. It features solid leather construction and an extra thick, supportive sole. This model is the replacement for the now discontinued Ultimate Trainer.

Like the other models of Otomix shoes, this is a good “all-around” shoe for multiple activities beyond weightlifting. The high-top design may add some stability to your deadlifts but it will kill your squats and calf raises (if your into that sort thing) so these wouldn’t be the best shoes for either of those exercises. The Versa Pro is also a uni-sex shoe and comes in black with gray accents, or white with black and red accents.

Most of the users of these shoes are going to be bodybuilders and power lifters looking for solid foot support. Since these aren’t true weightlifting shoes I’m not going to rate them as such. I will say that Otomix has been producing top quality products for the bodybuilding community for some time now and these shoes are no exception. With that said, I recommend the Otomix Stingray over all the other models due to it’s lightweight, lower price, and multi-use design.


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