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Interested in advertising opportunities on Our site is an authority in the fitness industry with a brand that is quickly growing. As more and more people are turned on to the idea of wearing proper shoes for weightlifting, our site has seen a 60% increase in unique visitors over the last 12 months. We expect this number to continue to increase throughout 2013 as we add more reviews, videos and user generated content.

Below are the types of advertising that we currently accept on this website. We may entertain other forms of advertising if the offer is fair, so feel free to contact us with your proposal. Please note, as this site’s popularity increases advertising rates will likely increase as well. If you are at all interested, you should contact us now.

Sponsored Blog Posts

This website is actually a blog; as such each entry is considered a blog post – including reviews. Sponsoring a post is a great opportunity to promote your business to our audience while gaining a boost to your SEO campaign. Our rate for a sponsored blog post is currently a one-time payment of $200. Payment can be made via paypal, check or money order.

If you chose to sponsor a blog post I will include a dofollow link back to your site at the top, bottom or within the content of the post. If you chose to not have your anchor text and link in the content, then the entry will appear at the top or bottom of the post and look similar to this:

“This blog post was sponsored by (Name Brand Here).”

Details for Sponsoring a Blog Post

  1. Your site must be fitness, health, sports related.
  2. You are allowed 1 link within a single post.
  3. We do not do paid reviews. If you are interested in having us review your product, contact us.
  4. Payment must be made in full prior your link being posted.
  5. We offer discounts for multiple sponsored posts.
  6. Each post is limited to a single sponsor.
  7. Your link is guaranteed to stay active for as long as this website is operational, or a minimum of 1 year.

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