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This site is dedicated to one of the most under-appreciated accessories in the sports of Olympic Weightlifting, Power Lifting and Crossfit Competition – Weight Lifting Shoes! And due to popular demand from our visitors, we are now expanding our shoe database to include all types of trainers such as the popular Inov-8, Vibrams and more.


WLShoes.com is a group of athletes with a common passion for weightlifting and fitness. Our team is comprised of recreational lifters, amateur competitors, coaches and even a few nationally ranked athletes. However, the most important members of our team are YOU – the site’s community. By providing our website users a means to not only research different products, but to leave their own reviews as well as communicate on forums, we’re hoping to be the best source online for information about weight training related footwear.


It seems almost all sports demand a particular type of footwear and lifting weights is no different. You wouldn’t try to do a bench press with baseball gloves on your hands would you? Then why are so many people going to the gym wearing sneakers, trainers or even worse… running shoes! Any lifter that has spent some time in a gym knows one thing: big lifts such as squats, deadlifts, cleans, jerks and leg presses all have one thing in common… the power starts at your feet. For this reason, having the proper footwear for your chosen activity is crucial. From Olympic style lifting shoes with high, solid heels, power lifting shoes with flat, wide soles and the multi-functional crossfit trainers that are becoming more and more popular, we’re striving to create a community around this site that investigates and objectively reports on all the options available in the market. We’re also hoping to educate many newcomers on the different types and options for training shoes.


Good question. Olympic weightlifters have been using raised heel shoes since the 1940s. While most bodybuilders and power lifters alike have been seen wearing anything from Chuck Taylor’s to combat boots in the gym, here recently the idea of a weight training specific shoe has really come of age. Good weightlifting shoes create a stable base for you to start and finish your lifts on. They do this by having very solid heels, usually made of a dense material such as wood, rubber or some type of polymer. They also fit very tight on your foot, exhibit one or more straps across the metatarsal area of the foot and provide support for the entire foot. A good lifting shoe should also have an outer made from strong, durable materials including the stitching but should still provide “breath-ability” for the foot.

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