Sneak Peek: 2012 Adidas AdiPower Weightlifting Shoe

UPDATE: We’ve Post Our Review at The Following Link – Full Review of the 2012 Adidas AdiPower Weightlifting Shoe. These are now available directly from Adidas at If you haven’t read my review yet, I recommend buying directly from Adidas because they have free shipping (and it’s FAST) and returns/exchanges are super easy since they include a RMA label inside the box.

We just received word directly from an Adidas rep that in January 2012, Adidas will be launching the new AdiStar weightlifting shoe under the new name AdiPower Weightlifting. They have already started phasing out other AdiStar models and replacing them with the AdiPower line, such as the new AdiPower Predator Soccer Cleat (which features Adidas’s new Sharp Blue and Slime color combo that we first saw on the PowerLift Trainer models). As many of you know, the AdiStar WL shoe was launched in early 2008 in preparation for the 2008 Olympic Games. It appears that the launch of the new AdiPower line is again going to coincide with a Summer Olympic game year.

The pictures we’ve found circulating of the 2012 Adidas AdiPower weightlifting shoe were taken at the Las Vegas NSCA Convention (National Strength & Conditioning Association). Although this exact shoe may only be a prototype, they do provide a good idea of the direction Adidas is going in with the new model. The AdiPower appears to be a complete departure from the previous design and is totally unrecognizable to the AdiStar.

Some of the more notable difference are the lightweight, almost foam-like material that the upper part of the shoes appears to be made of. This should allow for amazing flexibility in the forefoot, but I’m unsure how the lateral stability will be affected. Something else Adidas has done, and I personally think  it is a good idea, they’ve made the interior of the tongue tacky so that it better grips your foot and holds you into the shoe.

Possibly one of the biggest and most noticeable differences (if you disregard the Halloween-like colors) is the departure from the traditional wood heel. The AdiPower has opted to go the polymer heel route using what appears to be TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) in the new “Torsion System” heel. This now makes the AdiPower very similar to the Romaleos, but the one big question is whether or not the heel height of the AdiPower model will be proportional to the shoe size as we see in the Romaleos.

Adidas has gone through a lot of effort to make this shoe more breathable, something any true weightlifter who spends hours a day in their shoes can appreciate. If you look inside the shoe you will notice several large holes in the heel. I’m wondering if they have included some type of air circulating system through the heel/sole much like what you’ll find in a nice pair of dress shoes (Clarks have this). You will also find large holes in the toe area, back of the heel and along the side of the shoe. This coupled with the lightweight material that the entire shoe appears to be made of should keep your feet dry as well as make the shoe lighter.

As soon as these are on the market, we’ll release a full review! We’d like to thank for providing us with some inside info and a few extra photos!

  1. 29 November 11, 1:50pm

    The picture looks to have a runner forefoot similar to what Reebok is doing with the CF/Oly shoe they have. Do you know if this will have as flexible a forefoot to make it a multi-purpose shoe?

    I just trust Adidas more with an O-lift shoe than I do Reebok until I can get some legit reviews from people that have worn them.

    • wlshoes
      29 November 11, 2:37pm

      I doubt their goal was a multi-purpose shoe. This line and its predecessor have always been intended for Olympic weightlifters exclusively.

      As I pointed out in the article, the forefoot appears to be made of an almost foam-like material which should allow excellent flexibility in the split jerk position. It does bring up a question about side-to-side stability though, depending on how soft the material is. I'm sure Adidas was smart enough to laterally reinforce the toe box but we won't know for sure until late January when we receive a review pair.

    • pacificallypaleo
      23 January 12, 12:16am

      why would you trust adidas more than Reebok .. they are one in the same … Adidas Corp Owns Reebok .. these are probably produced in the same factory and the R&D is most likely identical….the only real difference I can see is that you are paying $50 more for it to say Adidas .. have been a long time adidas Oly shoe wearer and am now sold on my Reebok oly shoes better stability than even the Romaleos I once owned… These shoes are the difference between a nissan 350z and a infinity G36… you are paying for the name

    • wlshoes
      23 February 12, 9:35am

      I think he was implying that he trust Adidas more in the Oly shoe department because they've been making them longer than any other brand. I've found that Reebok Crossfit is totally compartmentalized and therefore, they do not share any of the R&D from Adidas or even Reebok themselves.

  2. 29 November 11, 7:51pm

    Not runner, meant thinner.

  3. 20 December 11, 3:02pm

    Is there an exact date that they are planning on launching them?

    • wlshoes
      21 December 11, 12:05am

      No, we're still waiting for Adidas to announce the release date. Most are speculating February.

    • 22 December 11, 3:50am

      Have you heard what other colors the shoe will come in?

    • Jeppe
      05 January 12, 3:03am

      The supplier in Denmark says the shoes will be released to sale February 1st

  4. Kasper Bredahl
    08 January 12, 12:29pm

    hello where can i buy them reply as soon as possible thanks : D

  5. 09 January 12, 7:14am

    They are avaliable on Dynamic Fitness as of today in solid red with white stripes. I find it hard to be that is the only color scheme they will release.

    • wlshoes
      09 January 12, 1:30pm

      Not sure, but it's possible that is the only color Adidas made. The AdiStar only came in solid white and the Power Perfect 2 was only available in white with red. Hopefully Adidas may drop more colors/styles – I'll keep an eye out on their official website.

    • 09 January 12, 10:31pm

      I hope not. The Black and white scheme they have been going with was fine and kinda of a neutral color. The Power Perfect 2 was okay because they basically released the same shoe with in the PowerLift with a variety. I'm not too picky when it comes to colors, but all red may be enough for me just to buy the black Romaleos.

  6. Austin
    13 January 12, 10:26pm

    Just picked up the new AdiPower's from Dynamic Fitness. The rep said he is the only one that has them in the US right now. Be sure to give them a call if you are interested. Very friendly and accommodating. Can't wait to try them out in the morning!!!

    • Jimmy
      18 January 12, 9:11am

      austin how are the shoes mate??

    • wlshoes
      18 January 12, 5:07pm

      Rogue Fitness now has the Adidas AdiPower shoes available. They look more orange/red though – I need to ask them about that. Can anyone confirm these are the same color as the shoes available from Dynamic?

  7. Kasper Bredahl
    14 January 12, 2:58pm

    when is the release date for the shoes

  8. Jimmy
    17 January 12, 4:26am

    When will there be a review?? or if anyone has these can you please tell me how they are?? it would be greatly appriceated

    • wlshoes
      18 January 12, 11:31am

      We need to review these and the romaleos side by side and quite honestly – they're frickin expensive! Hopefully we can find someone to send us a review sample, if not then the reviews will be delayed until we have the funds.

  9. Austin
    18 January 12, 8:06pm

    Rogue has the same ones as Dynamic. Definitely a solid well made shoe. I'm a big fan of the grip on the inside of the tongue as well. They are red but in the right light they look orange. I've only been able to lift in them once since I've been snowed in up here in Washington, but they feel amazing! Can't wait to do some more work in them.

  10. Dan A.
    21 January 12, 4:58pm

    I did a video review that is up on youtube, feel free to check it out.

    • kenny
      21 January 12, 1:53pm

      not bad review. I just wish that you could have elaborated on the sizing, width. etc.

    • kenny
      21 January 12, 6:37pm

      not bad review. I just wish that you could have elaborated on the sizing, width. etc.
      a comparison to your other lifting shoe.

  11. 27 January 12, 5:48pm

    Are these wider than the Adistars?

    • wlshoes
      28 January 12, 7:16pm

      I just got my review pair in today. Sadly, they are not wider than the original AdiStars. I found them to fit extremely tight on my wide feet. I will have to give them a chance to break in some but it doesn't look like these will be a good option for wide feet just as the other Adidas Oly shoes weren't. Unfortunately, the new Nike 2 are somewhat disappointing so I guess I'm leaning towards the Reebok Olys.

    • 29 January 12, 8:24am

      That's disappointing because finding a size 13 in the Reeboks is impossible. I almost had a pair from Rouge Fitness but they canceled the order because they ran out of stock. Let me ask you this, how does the width of this shoe compare to the Adidas powerlift?

    • wlshoes
      29 January 12, 12:45pm

      My contact at Reebok said they should have a new shipment of the Reebok Olys in February. Just keep checking the website – he assured me they would be there in all sizes when they get the new shipment.

      The powerlift trainers are wider than the AdiPower shoe with the trainers fitting more like a normal tennis shoe and the adipower fitting more like a cowboy boot.

    • Damien
      31 January 12, 10:33pm

      Why are you disapointed in the nike 2's?

  12. damien
    31 January 12, 10:35pm


  13. Moe
    06 February 12, 7:44pm

    You seem to have used the adiPower a couple times, are we getting a review soon?

    • wlshoes
      07 February 12, 7:32pm

      Soon. Real life is getting in the way right now but hopefully I'll have time to get all 6 new reviews up soon.

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